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The EFY Fund

If the inability to pay prevents you or someone you know from seeking breast-care services, the Especially for You® Fund may be lifesaving.

Since October 1991, as a result of the annual Especially for You Race Against Breast Cancer, free mammograms and other breast-care services have been provided to area individuals in need.

The Especially for You fund covers:

  • Mammograms, CAD technology, Tomosynthesis and additional diagnostic exams, including MBI
  • The fee for an office visit to the health provider ordering the exams

If treatment is required, a medical social worker will help find other financial resources.

You may receive financial assistance if you:

  • Live in or around Linn County and use Cedar Rapids health-care facilities
  • Receive a health-care provider’s written or verbal order for a mammogram
  • Complete a short, confidential application form
  • Schedule your mammogram at Mercy Medical Center or one of the other accredited mammography facilities in Cedar Rapids
  • Follow American Cancer Society mammography guidelines: a mammogram annually for a woman over age 40, or as recommended by a health care provider for women younger than 40.

Need a mammogram? Concerned about the cost? Apply for help with our Especially for You Fund, or call (319) 221-8889.